This week I had the great pleasure of being invited onto BBC Breakfast to talk with presenters Dan Walker and Louise Minchin about my drone photographs of the Coronavirus Lockdown in the UK.

The interview was originally slated for the Monday at 7.50am however as I was ready to go on air linked live to the studio a producers voice suddenly came through to tell me I’d been dropped (charming!). I later found out that my spot had been taken by none other than Sir David Attenborough.

The BBC were very apologetic and offered me a longer spot at 9am the next day. Again I found myself trying to keep calm as I could hear Dan and Louise talking about me and my work. When linked to the studio by webcam you can only hear the presenters and not see them. However they led me through the interview superbly.

The main part of the interview centred around the images below as well as few more here that didn’t make the BBC cut:

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”27″ display=”pro_horizontal_filmstrip”]There were many points I wanted to get across during the interview. During lockdown I’ve been accused of roaming the country spreading the virus (yes seriously). I’ve even been hilariously compared to Dominic Cummings! As a Photojournalist however I was legally allowed to work during Lockdown and nothing is more socially distanced than drone photography.

Other points I wanted to get across were that I’m a PFCO commercial drone pilot and of course landowner permissions. I very much had my good friends at Droneprep in mind when asked about the safety/legal aspects of drone photography.

It should be added that the lockdown series is an ongoing project with the UK still very much a shadow of its former self in many areas. There will be further images added to the collection as well as the possibility of a book and or an exhibition as has been requested by some of the very kind messages I have received.

All the images from this series are available to buy as prints via this link: Lockdown

The Gramophone was from Camden market….for those curious.

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