One of the many services provided by The Big Ladder Photographer is aerial drone imagery of construction / building site progress. We provided both dynamic stills and 4k video of construction projects.

We were asked recently to photograph the progress of the brand new Brendoncare Care Home at Otterbourne Hill in Hampshire. We were hired by both Brendoncare themselves and construction firm Stepnell to document the site as it changed over the 18 month build. As can be seen by the images below the dynamic look of construction progress can only truly be seen from the air with stunning aerial imagery.

Aerial images provide a view of the building site that only the architect knows exists. They can also provide insight for the company involved into how the building is shaping up…literally.

This site is now in the no fly exclusion zone of Southampton Airport. After the Gatwick airport drone farce the no fly zone around airports was increased from 1km to 5km….Otterbourne now falls just inside this zone. All this photography was carried out before that zone was increased. Permission to fly here would now need to be obtained from Southampton airport. As a PfCO certified drone pilot the Big Ladder able to obtain permission to operate in this airspace on application which is usually granted with 1 day.

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