The Big Ladder made the front page of The Daily Telegraph over the Easter weekend with this image of sunbathers on Bournemouth Beach.

All Big Ladder images are the result of an idea that I’ve been carrying around for sometime. Often waiting for the right time / news event that will give the idea maximum exposure. I also have to make sure all my ducks are in a row so to speak with permissions and weather. As Bournemouth beach is a Cat D airspace the CAA were notified the day before through my obligations as a fully qualified PfCO pilot. My next hoop to jump through was finding sunbathers who were willing to be photographed, yes its completely set up as that’s the only way you can legally shoot such a photograph. 

After 3 hours of walking the beach I knew I had to go to a quiet section further away from the crowds and there I found these 2 ladies who were only too pleased to be photographed. I then sectioned off a small part of the beach away from the crowd ensuring no-one could stray into the zone.  I even managed to get my favourite hat into the image. (top left). 

Part of my thinking on Big Ladder images is to give a brand new perspective to old ideas. We’ve all seen the pictures of girls sunbathing at the beach in the newspapers on the hottest day of the year but rarely from this angle. Every aspect of this image helps make it work, from the girls (of course) but equally the mat they are laying on which helps to make them stand out from the sand. I also made a fairly late decision to shoot the image in Bournemouth rather than Brighton as the golden sand of Bournemouth would work better.

The image also appeared in the The Times and Daily Mail

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