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The Big Ladder Joins Forces With Britains Castles and Gardens

The Big Ladder has spent the last 4 months helping gain national and international publicity (PR) for some of the UK's major institutions and landmarks, entering into partnerships with some of the UK's most respected organisations successfully helping each one gain a...

The Big Ladder gains over 100 publications Worldwide

In the last year the Big Ladder has seen a huge up take in publications of its images from the sky. All the UK Media have used images in the last 6-9 months. These include The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail, The London Evening Standard, The Sun, The Daily...

Big Ladder images published in the national press

Since the launch of the Big Ladder website it has managed to score approximately 15 publications, 10 in print, 5 online. The biggest hit so far was the summer solstice at Stonehenge. The decision to fly on this was only made 1 day before once a good weather forecast...

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