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Capturing the city’s dynamic landmarks requires more than just a camera — it requires an elevated perspective. The Big Ladder is the number one choice for drone photography and Videography in Central London.


The Big Ladder offers a bird’s-eye view that transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual experiences. We are fully insured and certified to fly in residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational areas in London. Our work is often featured in national newspapers and News Corporations, allowing clients to enhance their visibility.


Whether you are a property developer, an event planner, or a marketing agency, our state-of-the-art drone technology including being able to record in FPV can help you transform your visual content into extraordinary visuals.

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Recent Drone Photography and Videography Projects in London

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Drone Photography London

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show Drone Photography London

Why Choose the Big Ladder for Professional Drone Photography and Videography Projects in London

Fully Insured and Certified – Chris of The Big Ladder is GVC PDRA-01 certified and insured – this means he can fly drones within visual line of sight (VLOS) in residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational areas.

    Experienced Drone Pilot – Thanks to close associations with NATS, London Heliport and London City Airport, we have a streamlined permissions process enabling shoots in all central London restricted zones at short notice giving your organisation the opportunity to gain much needed worldwide publicity.

      An keen eye for detail – Chris Gorman is not only a skilled drone operator but also an experienced photographer and videographer. This combination of technical know-how and artistic vision enables him to deliver exceptional results tailored to your specific needs.

      Battersea Power Station

      Battersea Power Station Drone Photography London

      Affiliated with DJI

      Chris Gorman is a London drone photographer affiliated with DJI, one of the leading manufacturers of drones and aerial photography technology.

      DJI Drone Specialist

      Trusted by Clients Across London

      Case Study: IMG Media

      The Big Ladder has worked with IMG Media for the last 5 years capturing the stunning night lights of Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland. A shoot carried out in conjunction with The Royal Parks and The Metropolitan Police. 

      As the shoot is directly in the middle of the R157 (drone no fly zone) we begin the permission process some months beforehand liaising with NATS (National Air Traffic Services) and the Metropolitan Police. (PDP). 

      We then risk access to the entire operation and finally wait for the weather to be onside. Conditions must always be calm for any drone shoot. We cannot fly in wind or rain. The resulting footage both stills and video, is then supplied to both Winter Wonderland and under agreement sent out by the Big Ladder to national media. In this instance we have secured many national newspaper articles giving the event a high boost.

      Winter Wonderland Drone Photography London

      Our Drone Photography and Videography is often Featured in National Newspapers including

      London Evening Standard

      Areas of London that the Big Ladder can provide Drone Photography and Videography in London

      Our Drone Photography and Videography Services allows us to take stunning shots in nearly almost all of the capital including but not restricted to:

      Certain areas of London require prior approval and permission for filming.

      The Big Ladder has expert connections with NATS, the Metropolitan Police, and Battersea Heliport to assist you in planning and securing the necessary authorisation ahead of filming. 

      If you are unsure whether your location requires prior approval, we would be happy to assist you.

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Recording and Shooting Drone Photography and Videography in London

      Do I need special permission to fly a drone in London?
      Yes. If your flight is within one of the 3 restricted central city zones.
      Are there no-fly zones in London for drones?
      Yes there are many however they are all flyable with the correct permissions which we are certified to obtain.
      I work for an agency who needs drone photography, do you work with Agencies in London?
      The Big Ladder works with both agencies and directly with corporations and media companies.
      Who owns the drone footage?
      All copyright belongs to the Big Ladder Photographer, each commission has a usage license attached to it negotiated before the shoot. However it is possible to purchase the full copyright.
      What type of format will you send the footage in?
      All footage is shot in 4K. We provide various editing services on request including conversion of footage to “Reel” format for social media.

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