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Photographic presentations discussing the use of drones in the media.

An enthusiastic story teller, Chris Gorman explains the history behind his images, how they come to be and in some cases how they nearly didn’t happen.

After 30 years as a photographer and picture editor (New Zealand Herald, London Evening Standard, Daily Mail) Chris has photographed many famous faces including, Sir David Attenborough, The Dalia Lama, The Rolling Stones, Tony Blair and David Cameron. His work has even seen him told off by Margaret Thatcher.

As one of the first photographers to harness drone technology in the media world, Chris talks through how he used his knowledge as a picture editor while photographing the Covid 19 Pandemic; a project which resulted in an unprecedented 20 newspaper front pages and spreads  plus appearances on BBC Breakfast and Sky News. He also describes how his work for the Royal Horticultural Society revolutionised  the way that garden photography is undertaken, showcasing stunning drone images of some of the best public gardens in the UK.

Talking through exactly how his stunning images are created, from inception to creation. Chris discusses  what an image needs to make the front page of a national newspaper and how to create a picture that stands out from the 40,000 images a day that a picture desk receives.

Topics covered include:

  • Drone technology in the media
  • Creating images that stand out
  • How a picture editor thinks
  • Post production techniques
  • Question and answers

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