The all new Nik Collection 3 is released today and I’ve been lucky enough as an ambassador to be asked to road test the software over the last few weeks.

Stay tuned for a facebook live event on my Big Ladder Photographer Facebook page (Monday 8th June) where I will walk through the entire process. Meanwhile below is why I think Nik Collections 3 is essential for all photographers.

Highlights from my own personal workflow have been:

An always visible onscreen menu board.  This makes each Nik module instantly available without having to scrolls through menu’s. For me this made opening images in each one a far easier experience.

I’ve mostly tested the software using the above image of Tower Bridge taken by drone during the Covid 19 Lockdown of central London. Crucially this image wouldn’t have been possible without Nik Collection 3 and more specifically Nik HDR Efex Pro. The image was originally shot over 5 individual frames exposed 2/3 of a stop apart in order to capture the full dynamic range. This image had to be filed within seconds of taking the shot so my workflow after taking it had to be extremely fast. This is where Nik 3 comes into its own. Compared to other HDR software packages I’ve found Nik far more user friendly with far better on screen navigation, effects sliders and the ability to adjust raw files within the programme.

On top of HDR Efex Pro I’ve also given this image a small “tickle” in Color Efex pro 4. Tonal Contrasts, This picks out more detail in the image, particularly the sky.

It should be noted that Nik have also added new Color film types which are superb for giving you that analogue authentic film look.

Last but certainly not least Nik 3 has introduced Perspective Effects. Which has for me done away with the need for a tilt shift lens completely. For this image it’s straightened up tower bridge as can be seen when comparing the raw images v the finished image.

Take a look at the files below. More details on the Facebook Live where I will walk through how I work up this image as well as another image using Color Efex Pro where I will walk show the new film effects and how you can use these to bring new life to your image.

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